Taxes, Fees & Surcharges

  • Taxes and fees on communication services vary greatly from city to city, from one communication service to another, and depending on the technology used to deliver otherwise-similar services. These variations, which often are the legacy of tax and regulatory decisions made before the advent of modern communication technologies, can be confusing and complex.  And the burdensome task of filing sales and use tax returns can often involve hours of labor each month. Compliance Partners offers comprehensive tax compliance services, which allow you to shift your resources to other business-critical tasks.

  • Our tax compliance solution helps clients effectively manage their compliance processes, allowing them to focus on the broader strategic vision of their business.  Our tax compliance services are designed to streamline tax operations, and provide an efficient and effective approach to compliance management and reporting.  We assist clients in proactively managing costs and employee resources, eliminating manual processes, minimizing overpayments and errors on returns, and reducing risk and the likelihood of notices and penalties.

  • We offer a flexible approach to tax compliance to match your needs and budget. For instance, some of our clients have no internal tax resources and turn to us to fully address all of their tax compliance needs. Other companies have the capability to prepare tax returns, but do not have internal tax resources in specialized areas like telecommunications tax and universal service. These companies may turn to Compliance Partners to assist them with their specialized tax filings. Our services combine knowledge and operational know-how to reduce the cost of compliance and ease the burden on your organization.

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Telecom Tax

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The communications industry and its subscribers are subject to myriad state and local taxes and fees. Examples of the types of taxes that are applicable to telecom services include: