Regulatory Compliance

Our compliance specialists routinely assist telecom operators and providers with extensive and complex regulatory requirements.

Regulation is designed to create a level playing field for the development of competition by defining the right balance between competing objectives such as consumer interests, investment incentives, and the long term growth and development of the industry. Compliance Partners brings together regulatory specialists with the relevant skills and experience to assist telecom operators in addressing critical compliance issues.  We work in partnership with our clients to establish cost-effective and business-focused services and solutions to to address regulatory compliance across a number of jurisdictions, including both national and international interests.

Nearly every jurisdiction has implemented rules and regulations that require telecommunications carriers to comply with specific reporting requirements.  In most states, carriers must submit annual operational and financial reports, tariff updates, outage reports, and customer-specific reports.  In addition, carriers are required to submit detailed reports to facilitate the assessment and collection of telecom-specific taxes and surcharges. For telecommunications carriers operating in multiple jurisdictions, these compliance requirements can be extensive and complex. Compliance Partners has the experience and expertise to assist carriers in ensuring compliance in every state and at the FCC.

Examples of compliance requirements we typically handle include: