FCC Section 214 License

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Any party seeking to provide common carrier communications services between the United States and a foreign point ("U.S.-international services") must request authorization from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Applicants may request authority to provide services on a facilities-based or resale basis, and may request such authority to apply globally or to specific foreign points. An international section 214 authorization permits a carrier to provide U.S.-international services on a common carrier basis subject to the provisions of the "exclusion list," which contains a list of U.S.-international routes to which section 214 authority does not apply; it also lists methods by which section 214 holders may not provide services.

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Links & Resources

The FCC offers various resources to carriers seeking to obtain section 214 authorization. We urge you to carefully review the requirements by clicking the links below. When you are redy to submit your section 214 application, you may return to our website and do so here.