Consulting & Management

  • Compliance Partners offers technology-driven solutions to help companies manage complex regulatory compliance requirements. We combine our expertise in telecommunications law and regulation with our in-depth knowledge of telecom technology solutions to make highly-effective recommendations to our clients. Our expertise and insights have been developed through several years’ experience serving carriers on nearly every aspect of telecommunications compliance, including licensing and registration, carrier reporting, billing and invoicing, and taxation.

  • We help companies select, implement, and manage IT-based solutions in order to meet the complex challenges of today’s ever-evolving telecommunications regulatory compliance landscape. Over the years, we have worked with a number of telecom technology providers – from large multi-national software companies to up-start companies. The truth is that the most expensive solution is not always the best. Compliance Partners offers a “vendor-neutral” approach to technology management, which means that we maintain the independence and flexibility to recommend and implement the most cost-effective solution to meet your needs.

  • We have managed and supervised a wide range of projects, including work on behalf of large, multi-national corporations. We are keenly aware that the most critical aspect of any project implementation is timing. We work closely with each client to deliver successful projects in a timely manner. Our thorough understanding of telecom compliance coupled with our fair approach to vendor selection and management greatly improves overall IT performance and results in significant cost savings.

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Our expertise in telecommunications law and regulation – together with our knowledge of vendor technologies and their associated costs – affords us a unique ability to make highly-informed IT recommendations. No matter what your needs are -- from help in understanding the regulatory landscape to a full enterprise-wide solution -- Compliance Partners offers the work force and proven processes necessary for long-term project success.

Compliance Partners has worked with a range of technology vendors and is particularly well-suited to manage solutions in the following areas: