Self-Service Portal

Compliance Partners is pleased to announce a business relationship with, a self-service web portal for managing basic FCC filing requirements. FileFCC offers an easy and affordable way to manage FCC compliance requirements. Currently, the following documents may be filed through the web-based portal:


  • FileFCC.COM offers an innovative way to manage FCC compliance. Our continually-updated library includes the most up-to-date forms along with complete detailed filing guides and instructions. makes it easy to file FCC forms and documents. With our forms library you’ll gain access to an extensive library of FCC forms, instructions, and filing guides. Our staff is extremely diligent about ensuring that our database is 100% accurate. As soon as a new form or requirement is introduced, we make it available on our website.

  • was designed as an affordable “self-service” solution for companies who want to don’t want to pay a fortune for FCC compliance. We make it easy to prepare your FCC forms so that you can avoid the time and expense of hiring outside counsel. However, if you do have a question, you can use one of our convenient customer support options. You can even hire an attorney through our attorney referral service. The professional team at includes telecom industry veterans, including attorneys, tax advisors, accountants as well as Internet developers and programmers.

Visit to learn more about self-service compliance management.